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Cumberland Manors

Welcome to The Cumberland Manors
Homeowner's Association
(A Deed Restricted Community)

Cumberland Manors is a deed restricted community located in Northwest Hillsborough County. We are within minutes of the Veteran's Expressway, Citrus Park Mall, schools, theaters and restaurants. There are 247 single family homes in our community with common areas that include a park with ponds and a playground.

The next Board of Director's Meeting will be on May 9th, 2018 at 7:00PM location in the offices of Greenacre Properties 4131 Gunn Highway Tampa, FL 33618-8725. For further information call: 813-600-1100 Ext 117.
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Latest News

** Easter Egg Hunt Pictures **

Here are some pictures from the Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt
Group Shot

Easter Egg Hunt
Some of the kids

Easter Egg Hunt
One of the winners

Easter Egg Hunt
Another of the winner

Easter Egg Hunt
The third winner

Easter Egg Hunt
And our Volunteers, Seaira Torrens-Baker and Alysa Critterton

** Traffic Violations **

We have patrol officers cruising our neighborhood, and catching a few of us not doing what we are supposed to do.
These officers are Officer Rob Douglass and Sgt. Steve Gaskins, and others as needed.
To see the report of violation for this year Click Here.
To view last years report Click Here..

** Thinking About Painting, Landscaping, New Roof, New Fence? **

Changes to the exterior of your home and/or yard needs Architectural Review by the ARC Committee.  An ARC form can be printed from our website: ARC Form

Our new palette of colors can be found at Home Depot or Greenacre Properties located on Gunn Highway.

Each of us can do our part by making our own homes a beautiful place to live. As a community we will all benefit and continue to see our property values soar.

We appreciate your cooperation and welcome you to join the Architectural Review Committee.

** “Neighbors Working Together” **

Our neighborhoods and sense of community in Cumberland Manors are only as strong as the people who live here.

Volunteers are the most important part of “Neighbors Working Together”.

We know everyone’s busy with families, jobs and just trying to live the good life.

As we enter a new year, we’re hoping that some of you will be willing to take an extra step and volunteer for one of our committees. For just an hour or two a month, your energy and creativity can help ensure that Cumberland Manors remains the kind of place we all want to live in.

“Neighbors Working Together”

Volunteering can range from Covenants Compliance or Architectural Review to helping with decorations for the Holidays or our Easter egg hunt. It could be as simple as distributing an occasional welcome package to a new resident.

Just about anything you’re willing to do can help preserve the quality of life for everyone in Cumberland Manors. Ultimately, volunteer work helps maintain property values and makes our neighborhood a desirable place to live.

If you’re not sure what you're interested in, it never hurts to ask. And don't worry, if you're uncertain about how you could contribute, we'd be happy to advise and train you.

• Your Board of Directors would be happy to answer any of your questions. E-mail them today at

• For a list of all the committees and what they do, you can go to our website at

Thank you for living in Cumberland Manors and helping with "Neighbors Working Together".

Richard Ulmer, President, Cumberland Manors Homeowners Association.

** No Street Parking in Cumberland Manors **


ARTICLE VII: Lot Servitudes, Section 32. PARKING. ’Except for passenger automobiles, motorcycles, trucks and vans of one-ton capacity or less, and such other vehicles as the Association from time to time expressly may permit by its rules and regulations (collectively, "permitted vehicles"), no boat, trailer, or vehicle may be parked, kept, stored, maintained, or restored by any Resident anywhere within the Properties, except within the improvements on the Lots severally. Any permitted vehicles owned or controlled by any Resident at all times must be parked upon a Lot and not within any street right-of-way.

Except for emergency repairs, no permitted vehicle may be maintained or restored except within the improvements upon a Lot. The foregoing restrictions do not prevent the temporary, non-recurring parking of any vehicle, boat, or trailer for a period not exceeding 48 hours upon the driveway on any Lot, nor the routine servicing and repair of any permitted vehicle upon the exterior of any Lot that is completed within 36 consecutive hours.’

Over the past few years we have received many complaints of homeowners parking on the streets, blocking traffic every night and totally ignoring any letters sent by the Homeowners Association (HOA) or our attorney. We’ve talked to our attorney and he directed us to contact the County since our streets are County maintained. The County told us we could install signage and gave us direction as to what needed to be on the signs, color and the size. A sign company was contacted; they made the signs and installed them at the entrance on Heathridge, the entrance coming in on Craggy Cliff from Eaglebrook and just over the bridge at the Park on Heathridge.

What this means to all of us is that if a homeowner continues to park on the street night after night, you have every right to call the Sheriff’s office and they will come out and ticket the owner and the vehicle may be removed. Now this is not to be confused when a homeowner has a party one evening and many cars are parked on the street for that one night!

Don’t even go there!

This is strictly for those continuous offenders who park on the street and we do have a few who have frustrated many of their neighbors.

Please feel free to contact Denise Schek at Greenacre Properties or you can call 600-1100 Ext. 117, if you see a vehicle parked overnight, get a picture, if possible, and the address, and they will get a violation notice.

Another reminder: No commercial vehicles are allowed in our driveways or on the street with your company name or logo. Check that out in your Deed Restrictions. You will receive a violation notice if this does not stop. The vehicle must be in your garage or parked somewhere out of the community.

** Pond Safety **

Pond Safety

Some of our homeowners may not be aware of the damage done to our ponds and wetlands by throwing trash and debris into the stormwater drains around our development.

In Cumberland Manors, we have a retention system to maintain and control the flow of storm water run off.  This interlocking system is made up of the storm water drainage system, our ponds and wetlands.

What this means is everything that is dumped into the streets or down the storm water drains goes directly into our ponds, and that includes the one in our park that your children play near.

So for the health of everyone in our development and to maintain our ponds and wetlands in a more pristine condition, let us all try to clean up any  trash or debris we see in the streets so that it does not end up  in the storm water drains.

One more thing, Do Not Put Your Doggie Waste Down Any Sewer In The Development, It Pollutes Our Ponds, and is a violation of Animal Ordinance Number 14.

Do not place any debris - lawn trash or otherwise - in stormwater inlets, ditches, or other waterways.

Dumping into the drainage system can easily create blockages that result in flooding during a severe rain - the house you flood my be your own.

It's also a violation of the Hillsborough County EPC Waste Management Rule 1-7 and Stormwater Ordinance 94-15 to dump anything into any public drainage system. Contact the EPC at 813.627.2600 if you witness dumping

** Clerk's Office Launches Property Fraud Alert Service **

From fraudulent rental agreements to fake deed filings, mortgage fraud is among the most rapidly increasing white collar crimes in the U.S., according to the FBI.

But you don't have to be a victim.

The Hillsborough County Clerk of the Circuit Court is helping the public protect themselves with a new Property Fraud Alert service.

This new free online service protects the public from fraud by monitoring documents being recorded in the Official Records of the Clerk of the Circuit Court.

By signing up for free property fraud alerts, you will receive notification by email or telephone whenever a document is recorded in Hillsborough County using your name or your business's name.

Time is not on the victims side when it comes to property fraud so receiving prompt notification can provide valuable time to stop criminals. Launched on November 9, Hillsborough County Clerk's Office is among the first few municipalities to offer a free fraud alert service to the public.

It's easy to sign up for Fraud Alert!

How to Sign Up
1. Online go to Property Fraud Alert or call 800-728-3858.
2. Click ‘Continue’ to begin the registration process.
3. Choose whether you would like to monitor a person’s name or a business name.
4. Enter the name you would like to monitor.
5. Enter either an email address or telephone number where you would like to be alerted.

Note: Repeat the process to monitor additional names. If you entered an email address, you will receive a confirmation message.

If You Receive an Alert
If a document is recorded that matches your monitoring criteria, you will receive an alert within 48 hours.
The alert will provide you with an instrument number, which is the Clerk's File Number or CFN.
Search the online Official Records to view the actual document. To search using the Instrument Number, choose the Instrument # in the upper left corner of the page and enter the instrument number from your Property Fraud Alert.

For assistance, please contact the Clerk's Recording Department at 813-276-2029 ext.: 4367.

If you suspect you are a victim of fraud, contact law enforcement.
To Change or Cancel your Property Fraud Alerts Subscription
Please call 1-800-728-3858

**Yard Debris Disposal Options**

Hillsborough County residents who may have downed tree limbs and other storm-related yard debris can place material out for normal residential yard waste collection on their scheduled day. Residents may set out a maximum of two cubic yards, which amounts to approximately 12 30-gallon containers for curbside collection. Tree trimmings and limbs must be less than 6 inches in diameter and cut to lengths less than 4 feet.

Bulkier storm debris and excessive amounts of residential yard waste (i.e. tree limbs and branches larger than six inches in diameter), may be delivered to one of the County's three Yard Waste Processing Facilities for disposal:

• Falkenburg Facility, 346 Falkenburg Road in Tampa
• Northwest Facility, 8001 W. Linebaugh Ave. in Tampa
• South County Facility, 13000 US Highway 41 in Gibsonton

These sites are open from 7:30 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday thru Saturday. Hillsborough County residential solid waste customers must bring a copy of their Annual Property Tax Bill showing their Non-Ad Valorem Assessment for Solid Waste Disposal and a driver's license or other photo identification.

For more information, call the Hillsborough County Solid Waste Management Division at (813) 272-5680 or visit the website at />SolidWaste.

** Adherence To The Bylaws Of CMHOA **

Just to let all of the homeowners know that because of a few of us our legal bills are climbing higher every year. After all this is a deed restricted community.

The main reason is that some of you don't feel you have to obey the homeowners association bylaws, re: rules and regulations, and the only thing that makes these homeowners take notice is a letter or lawsuit filed by our lawyers, and that cost all of us money.

If you aren't aware of the bylaws they can be found in the CMHOA Official Documents . So if you see anyone ignoring these rules and regulations, please ask them not to, or contact Denise Schek at Greenacre Properties and report them. This may save us all some money in the long run.

** The Association Email Mailing List **

Get your Crier, Meeting Notices, Dues Reminders, and Annual Meeting papers by subscribing now.
This will make your life easier and make the necessary reporting requirements of the Association less expensive.
Enter the 21st century and let us communicate with you electronically

** Seen An Alligator? **

Owners who witness these events need to contact:

Alligator Hotline State of Florida 1 800 392-4286

Wildlife Alert 888-404-3922

** Hillsborough County Will Give You Money 4 Mercury **

Hillsborough County residents can exchange hazardous mercury-containing devices for a $5 grocery store gift card at Household Hazardous Waste collections through April 2015, while gift card supplies last. Collection events are held monthly on selected Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.:

• First Saturday of the month - 9805 Sheldon Road in Tampa • Second Saturday of the month - 13000 U.S. Highway 41 in Gibsonton • Third Saturday of the month - 6209 County Road 579 in Seffner

Examples of mercury-containing devices that are eligible for a Money 4 Mercury gift card include thermometers, thermostats and switches. No commercial or business-related waste will be accepted. Gift cards are limited to one per eligible vehicle, while supplies last.

When a mercury-containing device is disposed of in a solid waste landfill or incinerator, the mercury can contaminate the air, surface water and groundwater. Residents are encouraged to always properly recycle mercury-containing devices at a hazardous materials collection site.

For more information about mercury collection events, visit, contact Hillsborough County Solid Waste at (813) 209-3042, or email Residents may also bring other household chemicals and hazardous wastes to the collection event for proper disposal, including compact fluorescent bulbs, other light bulbs and batteries; however, these items are not eligible for a gift card.

The goal of the Hillsborough County Solid Waste Management Division's Money 4 Mercury program is to educate and safely manage mercury containing items. Funding for the program is provided in partnership with Covanta Hillsborough, Inc. and through a $5,000 grant from the Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough County Pollution Recovery Fund.

** Animal Ordinance Violations **

For those of you who own pets, here is a list of the animal ordinance violations that you may or may not be aware of.
Click Here to view the complete list, and pay special attention to ordinances 10 and 14, because they are the ones most people violate.

** Pet Restrictions **

In Hillsborough County it is the law that all dogs be on a lease when off of your property.  Any animal caught without a lease is subject to being brought to the  county  animal shelter, and if the animal has not tag, of being euthanized.  So, if you love your pet don't let it run free.

Also, when walking your dog, be sure to have a pooper scooper and bag to collect their droppings.  It is also a law not to clean up after your pet.  Beware the police have been notified of several pets running loose in the neighborhood and of residents who do not pickup after their pets.  Take this as a friendly reminder, and lease your pet and pick up after them.

** Hurricane Information Update - Humorous **

Just to show you that we Floridians have a sense of humor, Click Here to get, the good, the bad, and, the humorous, side of the Florida Hurricane Season.

For a list of emergency phone number, Click Here.

** Dirty or Discolored Roof? **

So you got a violations letter that your roof needs to be cleaned. Well don't panic, and DON'T USE BLEACH and DON'T USE A PRESSURE WASHER. Do use a product called Spray & Forget at Home Depot and Lowes. These work, according to several of your neighbors who have used it. So about that violation letter, get yourself some of the cleaner and them let Greenacre Properties know you have used it, and this will make everyone happy, and we won't have to spend money on lawyers. Thanks.

** What to do Before the Burglar Comes **

There has been a serious rash of vehicle burglary's going around. It is involving vehicles that have been left UNLOCKED with various items left in plain view inside the vehicles, CELL PHONES, LAPTOPS, IPADS, IPHONES, PURSES, WALLETS, CASH. They have also been breaking in with the vehicles being locked but with these items still being left in plain view.

These incidents are occurring anywhere between Lutz to New Tampa and all points in between. Gated communities, non-gated communities, doesn't matter. people are letting their guards down and the thief's are taking advantage. Our Patrol Units and Detectives are doing everything in their power to find the bad guys and bringing them to justice, but we need the publics help in securing their vehicles and items first.

Don't make yourself an easy target.

When suspicious activity is going on around you or your neighborhood, don't hesitate to call the Sheriff's Office Dispatch at 247-8200 to report it, immediately.

This information was sent by email from:
Deputy Tom Wesolowski, #842
Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office
District 1-Community Resource Deputy
North Central/New Tampa
Office: (813) 264-8950
Fax: (813) 264-8952

There are enough easy targets to make residential burglary one of the fastest growing crimes in recent years. These safety tips are designed to help you target harden your home!

They are simple, basic security measures that will make your home less inviting and, in so doing, cause the burglar to look elsewhere for an easier target.

Make Your Home Look and Sound Occupied By day, leave drapes and shades in normal position - the way you have them when at home. Don't leave easily movable valuables in sight close to windows or in plain view. At night, leave on some inner lights, nightlights or bathroom and hallway lights. Consider buying automatic timers that turn lamps on after dark, then off a few hours later or at dawn. These timers can turn a radio on, too, so your home sounds occupied.

Never leave garage doors open, especially with no car in sight. This is like a WELCOME sign to burglars. It's best to keep your garage door closed even when you're at home. When leaving for longer periods, don't forget to move easily stolen objects like a power mower, garden hose, lawn chairs and bicycles from your yard and keep them safely locked up.  Be a Good Neighbor

Keep an eye on your neighbors homes and have them do the same for you. If you see something suspicious - movement inside when a home that should be empty, a strange car or truck in the driveway, a loiterer, call Hillsborough County Sheriff's Department non-emergency (813-247-8200) or Tampa Police Department non-emergency (813-231-6130) immediately. Make a reasonable effort to get a good description and license number, without endangering yourself.

Burglars have been known to use a truck and openly carry off valuable possessions. If neighbors haven't mentioned moving, be suspicious.  Police would rather you called than wished you'd called.  Don't Welcome Burglars by Telephone.

Burglars often try to find out if anyone's home by telephoning. If you get several suspicious, "wrong number" calls or "nobody at the other end" calls, keep a record of the caller's telephone number. Teach your family members, especially, children, not to give out information by telephone, especially about who is home, who is out and how long anyone is expected to be out.  Make it hard for burglars to "case" your home by telephone by not putting your name on your mailbox, doormat or on your doors. Your name on display only makes it easier for the burglar to look up your telephone number in the directory.

Hillsborough County Police Department - District 3
Emergencies: Dial 911
Non-Emergencies: (813) 247-0330

** Safe Kids USA News **

Child Safety A Must, Especially During Summer Vacation

Safe Kids USA offers these tips for keeping kids safe during your vacation:

Properly secure all children younger than 13 in a back seat for every ride in the car. Keep children in the right type of car seat or booster seat until adult lap and shoulder belts fit them correctly. If you are flying to your destination, bring any car seats with you so your children ride safely in cars while on vacation.

Make sure your children wear a helmet and other protective gear every time they bike, skate, skateboard or ride a scooter. Bring the gear with you if none will be available while you're traveling.

Bring your own folding playpen rather than using a borrowed crib. If you do use a hotel's crib, inspect it for broken or missing parts to make sure it is not defective, damaged or even recalled from the market. Visit to check the model number.

Actively supervise children in or around water. Never take your eyes off of your children. Always make sure your children wear life jackets when riding on boats or playing in or near open bodies of water.

For more information, please visit

** Hints From Hillsborough County **

Here are some hints from the Sheriff's department on how to stay safe this summer,  the State Forestry service presents a workshop on wildfire prevention  and the county extension service hosts a family friendly open house on June 11.  Click here for the full details.

** Check Out Crime In Your Area **

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office has a new web site to help you track the crime in your area.  Click Here to see for yourself.  A very interesting site with lots of good information.

** New law allows all residents to install Florida-friendly landscaping **

A new law promotes the installation of Florida-friendly landscaping.  The law states that homeowners associations (HOAs) may not prohibit a homeowner from applying Florida-friendly landscaping to their property or create any requirement or limitation in conflict with state law.

Florida-friendly landscaping emphasizes nine easy-to-accomplish principles that, when practiced, can have a significant positive impact on yards and the environment.  The concept was developed by the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences for the Florida Yards & Neighborhoods program.

By following Florida-Friendly Landscaping practices, homeowners use a low-maintenance approach to landscaping that conserves water. Homeowners also spend less time maintaining their lawns and more time enjoying them.

Because homeowners can no longer be prohibited from following Florida-friendly landscaping practices, they will have more freedom to choose the type of plants and turf that are right for their property, said Sylvia Durell, Florida-friendly landscaping project manager. This is a great opportunity for homeowners to get know their yard's sun, soil and moisture conditions and put the right plant in the right place.

The law, which goes into effect today, also states that HOAs may not fine homeowners for brown lawns when the homeowner is abiding by water shortage rules such as the District's water shortage orders that restrict residents to watering their lawns one day per week.

For additional information about water restrictions, water conservation and the drought, please contact your local utility or visit the District's web site at

To learn more about Florida-friendly landscaping, please visit or

** New Recipe Section on the Website **

There has been a new link added on the left side of this page for recipes.  Many of us are looking for new recipes or easy recipes that we know will be good.

That's why we have started this section.  These recipes are tried and true and come from homeowners and friends and are worth trying for your family.

We are also looking for you to contribute your favorite recipes to share within our community.  If you have a favorite recipe please email it to and we will publish it and give you credit for the recipe.

Look for new recipes, articles and who knows what else within this recipe section!

** Homeowner's Business Referrals **

We have a section on our web site for referrals from members of the community.  It includes businesses like air conditioning contractors, plumbers, roofers, landscape contractors, etc.  If you are looking for someone to make home repairs or provide a service, you can look at the companies that your neighbors have recommended.  If you use a company and have been very satisfied with the service they provided and want to add them to the referral page, please send an email to  Include the name of the company, what service they provide and their telephone number.  If the category is not currently listed on the referral page, it will be added.