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CMHOA Board of Directors

CMHOA 2017 Board Of Directors

Picture Name Position Committees
Richard Ulmer Richard L. Ulmer President Website and By-Laws
Mike Kersmarki Mike Kersmarki Vice President Legal and By-Laws
Casey Dye Casey Dye Treasurer
Vicki Baker Vicki Baker Secretary Landscape and Ponds
Lisa Torrens Lisa Torrens Director At Large Landscape and Ponds
Email - Denise Schek Denise Schek Property Manager Greenacre Properties
813-600-1100 Ext-117


**Association Committees**

Here is a list of the Association committees and what each is responsible for. Please feel free to participate in any of these committees.

Architectural Review

This committee is responsible for the overall compliance to the Deed Restrictions by the homeowners of Cumberland Manors.  They review all of the ARC forms and determine if the request is within the guide lines of the Deed Restrictions and the Rules and Regulations.  The committee is ever vigilant to ensure that the property values within our community are maintained.

If you need an Architectural Review Form you can contact Denise Schek at Greenacre Properties (600-1100), and one will be mailed or emailed to you, or go to the ARC page and download the form for yourself.


This committee is responsible for maintaining the financial health of the association and presenting the yearly budget to the BOD.  They review the financial reports generated by Greenacre Properties prior to presentation at the monthly BOD meetings.

Landscape & Ponds

This committee is responsible for the beautification of our park and ponds.  This includes coordination with Greenacre Properties for the lawn and pond maintenance, the planning for new plantings on all of Cumberland Manors common areas and presenting new plans to the BOD for additional playground equipment or any other project the committee deems appropriate.

Communications, Website

This committee helps put together the Cumberland Crier. They solicit and/or write articles for the newsletter/blog. The committee proofs and forwards these article to our Webmaster for publication via the assoication blog. The committee gathers and receives information to be published on the community web site. The committee puts together a welcome package for each new resident to Cumberland Manors.

Community Relations

This committee interacts with other community associations and Hillsborough County officials. They attend county-held meetings on behalf of CMHOA where items of interest to our community are discussed. They also attend the meetings of the Carrollwood Area Association of Neighborhoods (CAAN) association.


This committee supplements the work of our Property Manager, who can only check for violations twice a month. These committee members will notice violations in the mornings or at night and report those violations to our Property Manager, who will then issue a violation letter.

Covenants Compliance

This committee is the one that will determine if a violating homeowner is to be fined for not correcting a violation that they have been given ample time to correct, and have, either, not corrected or refuse to correct a violation. This committee is governed by Florida law.

Neighborhood Watch

This committee is tasked with helping to keep our community safe and informed. They notify homeowners via a telephone tree of issues of immediate interest, like a burglary or other issue of interest to our homeowners. They also assist the police patrols in our neighborhood.

and tell us what committee you would like to serve on!